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Our mission is to improve our patients’ quality of life by comprehensively addressing their needs. In order to achieve it, we apply individual and holistic approaches, extensive diagnostics, as well as modern therapy. Therefore, the treatment is efficient and the first results can be observed in no time.
We provide a wide range of services: diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation, as well as education and health prevention.


Pain treatment Rehamedica Poznań

Pain treatment

acute and chronic pain treatment of various origins as: neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, or discopathy.

Fizjoterapia ortopedyczna Rehamedica Poznań

Orthopedic physiotherapy

is dedicated to patients with dysfunctional/damaged musculoskeletal system, which includes sport injuries and overloads as, for instance, sprains and bone fractions. Orthopedic physiotherapy is also applied among patients with degenerative changes and overload syndromes as: subacromial impingement syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, jumper’s knee, and runner’s knee.

Terapia wad postawy Rehamedica Poznań

Oncological rehabilitation

is dedicated to patients during and after oncological treatment. The oncological rehabilitation mostly aims to remove any functional disorders associated with the treatment, to restore proper psycho-physical fitness, to alleviate the symptoms of the disease, and to improve the quality of life. We provide an extensive anti-edema therapy, scar treatment after surgeries, and a proper physical activity plan.

Fizjoterapia pooperacyjna Rehamedica Poznań

Post-surgical physiotherapy

aims at pain relief, improvement of functioning and physical capacity after surgical treatment, and minimization of the negative effects after spine and thoracic surgeries, and arthroplasty. This type of physiotherapy incorporates an extensive scar therapy as well.

Fizjoterapia ginekologiczna Rehamedica Poznań

Female physiotherapy

is dedicated to pregnant women suffering from back pain, after cesarean section, or struggling with diastasis recti and urinary incontinence after childbirth. We offer a comprehensive scar therapy as well.

Fizjoterapia pourazowa Rehamedica Poznań

Post-traumatic physiotherapy

is applied in order to restore the functions lost due to injuries, as well as to help the patients to return to their professional and physical activity, and prevent any future physical problems.


Reha Medica Hanna Stróżniak Poznań

Hanna Stróżniak

I am a physiotherapist with a degree and passion for providing physical treatment. I received my master’s degree in Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Science in Poznan.
In my work, I am dedicated to achieving the best therapeutic results by applying individual and holistic approach to every patient. I place particular emphasis on extensive physiotherapeutic diagnosis made through thorough medical interview, clinical examination, and analysis of additional medical tests. Not only do I focus on treating the medical condition, but also on changing the everyday habits, educating and involving the patient in the whole therapeutic process.
I am particularly interested in comprehensive oncological rehabilitation helping patients to return to their psycho-physical wellbeing, as well as in providing them with proper medical training. I am also involved in physiotherapeutic gynecology and holistic back pain therapy.
Because of my passion for physiotherapy and helping others, I continually try to broaden my knowledge by attending courses conducted by Polish and foreign specialists. 


***Individual offer for patients with chronic diseases


Diagnosis and therapy (60 min) 100 zł
Individual therapy (45-60 min) 90 zł
Physiotherapeutic consultation (30 min) 50 zł
Physiotherapeutic consultation + exercises instruction (50 min) 80 zł
Medical massage (30min/60min) 50/90 zł
Kinesio taping small/large application 20/30 zł
Manual lymphatic drainage (45min/60min) 70/90 zł
Comprehensive anti-edema therapy (60min/90min) 90/120 zł


Special offers:
Individual offer for patients with chronic diseases
Discounts for seniors (above 65 years) -10%


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Hanna Stróżniak
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